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I’m not getting any photos or photo stitches from my Doorbell Camera!



  • Debbie Ousley


  • Jorge Armando Chapa Oyervides

    I just purchase a Kangoroo Doorbell yesterday and when I configurate it on mi Samsung Galaxy A11 I recieve notifications and photos on my cellphone but today I just receive a black screen each I have a notification (no photo)  I'm at 2 (maybe 3) meters from my router but my Kangoroo Doorbell does not show any photos.

    I reset the Doorbell but still have the same issue. Any idea on how I can fix this?



  • MaRtYn Mcfly

    is not true. It only lasted me 5 days, then this was the error I saw your answer and on one side of the router I pressed it several times and it's the same error, I removed the batteries for a minute, waited 5 minutes and did it again and nothing. I already reset it and configured it and it's still the same.
    must be a different problem


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